[How To] Check PNR Status Online IRCTC Indian Railway

Wanna check pnr status for your journey on Indian railway? You will be probably ended here for checking the pr status for your journey. We got many ways to check for pnr status irctc online and other government websites such as LIC India Login you will find this way useful and surely you will get time to time update and these ways to find the pnr status for irctc will be very easy to follow. Here are some of the tips for checking pnr status on irctc and also you can check from your mobile also. Also you will find some useful tool for predicting the train ticket.

Check PNR Status Online IRCTC Indian Railway


What is PNR Status:

PNR is generally abbreviated as Passenger Name Record. In Indian Railway Reservation System, PNR is a unique 10 digit number related to the journey information of the particular passengers. PNR number is auto-generated by Computer Reservation Syster(CRS), which will be like unique number to identify the details of the passenger or the group of passengers are stored in the database till the journey is over. The database details will have additional information related to the current status of the berth, will be updated once every ticket is canceled.

Where to find PNR number on ticket:

Every time the PNR number will be printed in the top left corner of the printed ticket, if you had booked the train ticket from the Reservation section on every railway station. IF you had booked the tickets through IRCTC or E-Ticket, you could find PNR in top of the detailed info of the current booking status.

How to check pnr status

There are many ways to check pnr status irctc online in Indian railways system and here are some of the ways will help you in some certain cases to check pnr status online irctc while you are on the go.

  • Check PNR Status IRCTC SMS
  • Check PNR Status IRCTC Mobile
  • Check PNR Status IRCTC Online

irctc login

Check PNR Status IRCTC SMS

The easiest way to check pnr status for indian railway train tickects, you can simply send the below SMS format to these numbers are 54959, 139, 5676747, and 57886.
SMS format to check PNR Status

  • PNR <10 Digit Number> to 139.

  • PNR <10 Digit Number> to 54959.

  • IRPNR <10 Digit Number> to 57886.

  • PNR <10 Digit Number> to 5676747.

Check PNR Status IRCTC Mobile Call

You could directly talk to the operator for PNR enquiry, Just Call 139 to check PNR status on your mobile via Call.

  • Call 139, and check PNR Status.

Check PNR Status IRCTC Online

There are 2 ways to check pnr status officially, from Indian railway website. Here are the two ways to check pnr status for your unconfirmed train ticket.

If you had proffered IRCTC way, then you would have booked the ticket earlier after logging in to your account in IRCTC and if your ticket is unconfirmed, you could check pnr status for knowing the current status of the journey.

Some Railway Acronyms and Abbreviations for better accessibility.

  • WL: WL is the short name for Wait List
  • RAC: Reservation Against Cancellation
  • SL – Sleeper Class
  • 3A – AC 3 Tier
  • 3 E – AC 3 Tier Economy
  • 2S – Second Sitting
  • FC – First class
  • 2A – AC 2-tier sleeper
  • 1A – First class AC
  • GN – General Quota
  • DF – Defence Quota
  • CK – Tatkal Quota
  • SS – Travelling Alone Female Quota (above 45 Year) / Senior Citizen Quota
  • LD – Ladies Quota
  • HP – Physically Handicapped Quota

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