[Tamil] Bigg Boss Voting Procedure & Contestant List 2017

Are you watching tamil bigg boss daily? Then you shall have know more about what is currently going on bigg boss tamil. The nominee for the elimination process had started. Wanna know how to cast your vote? Stay with us, we will let you now from below steps.

We will talk more about Tamil Bigg Boss in this article. All about contestant and voting procedure for tamil bigg boss show will be shown below.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote – Week 9 Elimination Nominees

Here are the list of nominees nominated by Tamil Bigg Boss Housemate for week 10 elimination

1) Arav
2) Kajol
3) Snehan

Here are the list of nominees nominated by Tamil Bigg Boss Housemate for week 9 elimination

1) Snehan
2) Raiza*Eliminated
3) Vaiyapuri

Here are the list of nominees nominated by Tamil Bigg Boss Housemate for week 8 elimination

1) Gayathri Raghuram*Eliminated
2) Raiza

Here are the list of nominees nominated by Tamil Bigg Boss Housemate for week 7 elimination

1) Arav
2) Bindhu Madhavi
3) Ganesh Venkatram
4) Gayathri Raguram
5) Sakthi*Eliminated
6) Snehan
7) Vaiyapuri

Here are the list of nominees nominated by Tamil Bigg Boss Housemate for week 6 elimination

1) Julie*Eliminated – Got 89 Votes – 6%
2) Oviya*Eliminated – Got 1373 Votes – 83%
3) Vaiyapuri – Got 186 Votes – 11%

Week 5 Elimination (No eviction Week)

Here are the list of nominees nominated by Tamil Bigg Boss Housemate for week 4 elimination

1) Ganesh Venkatram – Got 65 Votes – 18%
2) Namitha*Eliminated – Got 16 Votes – 4%
3) Oviya – Got 287 Votes – 78%

Total Votes: 368

Here are the list of nominees nominated by Tamil Bigg Boss Housemate for week 3 elimination

1) Harthi Ganesh *Eliminated
2) Vaiyapuri
3) Juliana
4) Oviya

Here are the list of nominees nominated by Tamil Bigg Boss Housemate for week 2 elimination

1) Ganja Karuppu – Comedian *Eliminated
2) Oviya (Kavani -Heroine)
3) Bharani (Nadodigal fame -Actor) *Eliminated

Here are the list of nominees nominated by Tamil Bigg Boss Housemate for week 1 elimination

1) Shree (Managaram Fame – Hero) *Eliminated
2) Anuya (SMS Fame – Heroine) *Eliminated
3) Juliana (Jallikatu Fame)

Now you had know the steps and procedure on how to cast your vote in bigg boss tamil show. Just follow it. If you need any assistance, just leave a comment below.

Tamil Bigg Boss Voting Details & Full Contestant List

The grand big b show which got huge success all over the world is now available for tamil audience to watch along with Kamal Hassan. Yes, The big grandeur of bigg boss house is all set and launched on 25 june 2017. Everything started on May 25 with a press meet and from that day the pre promotion for the show is being telecasted on Star Vijay.

Tamil audience is eagerly waiting for this. Like, How the show will go and eagerly waiting to see the real face of all the contestant. The grand show was inaugurated by Kamal Hasan with a house tour where kamal takes us a quick tour on the inside of house. Also a simple rules was made and should be followed by all contenstant.

Watch Bigg Boss Tamil Episodes Daily (Today or Yesteday)

If you want to watch bigg boss show, then you may watch on TV at your home. Also you can watch bigg boss episodes directly on Hotstar. Below we have listed the date and timing of Tamil Bigg Boss Show on Star Vijay. If you wanted to watch online, You can watch it directly from Hotstar.

Tamil Bigg Boss Show Timings:

Monday to Friday – 9PM onward
Saturday to Sunday – 8:30pm onward

If you missed the above timing, then you can watch bigg boss re-telecast episodes. We will below list the tamil bigg boss re-telecast timings.

Monday to Sunday – 11PM onward
& Next day 11:30 AM onward

If you still had missed to watch tamil bigg boss on tv, then you could watch all bigg boss tamil episodes on hotstar. Check below for more details.

Watch Tamil Bigg Boss Online Daily Episodes (Today/Yesterday)

Bigg Boss Tamil – Season 1: Latest Episode

Bigg Boss Tamil Winner 2017

Whom do you think will be the winner of Tamil Bigg Boss? Let us know in the comment section. The show just started on 25 June 2017. Predicted ending date of tamil bigg boss show is 3 October 2017. However we might see the Bigg Boss Tamil Finale on 7th or 8th of October 2017.

The final housemate of tamil bigg boss winner will be decided by the bigg boss team. If there are more housemate who survived in the house, then there will be QA section between them to decide the final bigg boss winner.

Bigg Boss Tamil Contestant List 2017

Bigg Boss show is started now and the complete contestant list for bigg boss is released. Kamal Hassan, The Bigg Boss host had started this show on 25 June 2017.

The show host welcomed the candidates and invited them to Bigg Boss house.

Here are the list of Tamil Bigg Boss Contestant List:
1) Shree (Managaram Fame – Hero)
2) Anuya (SMS Fame – Heroine)
3) Vaiyapuri (Comedy Actor)
4) Gayathri Raguram (Choreographer + Member of BJP)
5) Bharani (Actor)
6) Raiza (Model)
7) Snehan (Poetist/Lyricist)
8) Oviya (Kalavani Fame – Actress)
9) Harathi Ganesh (Comedy Actress)
10) Aarar (Saithan Movie – Villain)
11) Ganja Karuppu (Comedy Actor
12) Juliana (A common girl – Famous for Jallikattu Girl)
13) Ganesh Venkatram (Actor)
14) Sakthi (Actor)
15) Namitha (Famous for her word “Machans”)

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote 2017

If you are familiar with the big B show, then you may have know this whole elimination process in this show. For those who are not familiar with this, we will give you more detail about this whole elimination and voting procedure.

Once the Bigg Boss show starts, Show runner will conduct elimination every week (100 days ~= 14 Weeks). The show goes on for 100 days with 14 contestant in Bigg Boss House. Each week show runner will ask housemate to nominate their housemate for elimination process.

As they are going to live in that house for 100 days, Housemate have their own choices to choose them. Since they don’t want any of them to stay in house, who are not interested or creating any issues with other housemate.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting – Details & Procedure

To participate in voting, you need to have watched the bigg boss tamil episodes daily. So that you could think who should be eliminated and who should stay in the house.

You are casting your vote to show your support to the housemate who you think needs to stay in the house.

In the whole voting process, the nominees who gets the lowest vote(lowest support) will be eliminated from the house. So make sure you caste your vote for the right person.

There are two ways, you can cast your vote in bigg boss tamil.
1) Google Vote
2) Missed Call

  • For the first way, You need to search for “Bigg Boss Vote” in Google.co.in
  • Select any nominee, who you want to stay in house.
  • Click Vote to submit your vote.

NOTE: Only 50 Google Vote per google account

For the second way, You need to give missed call to a certain number which is allocated for the candidates

To Vote for Arav, Give missed call to +91 72101 22301
To Vote for Anuya, Give missed call to +91 72101 22302
To Vote for Bharani, Give missed call to +91 72101 22303
To Vote for Ganesh Venkatram, Give missed call to +91 72101 22304
To Vote for Ganja Karuppu, Give missed call to +91 72101 22305
To Vote for Gayathri Raguram, Give missed call to +91 72101 22306
To Vote for Harathi Ganesh, Give missed call to +91 72101 22307
To Vote for Juliana, Give missed call to +91 72101 22308
To Vote for Namitha, Give missed call to +91 72101 22309
To Vote for Oviya, Give missed call to +91 72101 22310
To Vote for Raiza, Give missed call to +91 72101 22311
To Vote for Shree, Give missed call to +91 72101 22312
To Vote for Snehan, Give missed call to +91 72101 22313
To Vote for Vaiyapuri, Give missed call to +91 72101 22314
To Vote for Sakthi, Give missed call to +91 72101 22315

NOTE: Only 10 Missed Call Vote per Number

We hope these details will help you. If you still have any doubt, you can leave a comment below and we will help you out. Thanks guys.. Do share your feedback below.

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  2. Myself will vote for Oviya. She is very straight forward girl and never ever did backbite about others. Julie did a big drama today… This week I would request “Kamal” sir and big boss to show the conversations between oviya n Julie to all other contestants. Let others understand what actually oviya is…

  3. Oviya straight forward girl she is good person all tamilnadu people support for vote oviya.
    Big Boss Team This Week Watch All Guys Corner Oviya.
    Main Lady Gayathri Raguram she is talking bad word this is not good .
    Then Night Time 3person Very torchal Oviya.
    Namitha,Juli,Gayathri Raguram.
    Sakthi Wrong Word Use With Oviya.
    Big Boss My Small Request Plz Juli out of the house she is acting.

    1. is a right an war my watsup number 8825903507 please message or call
      i am a Oviya fan army member OK please call me

  4. Helllllllo bigg boss hw r u…????
    We r vry happy bigg boss because oviyaa is oviya is our cute angel 😇😇
    Wish ur all the best for ur love (arav )……..

  5. all guys i am a oviya fan army member message for me 8825903507 First Message For Me
    I am a Oviya Fan Type pannunga ok friends thank you

  6. Hi bigg boss பிலிஸ் காயத்திரி விலாசம் கொடுங்க அவங்க எல்லரியும் வெச்சி செஞ்சிடுவேன் சொல்ரங்கா ஆனா அவங்க வெலியே வந்த நா அவங்களை வெச்சி செஞ்சிடுவேன் ஆட்டுக்கு மஞ்சள் தன்னி உத்தி கழுத்தை அருப்பது போல காண்டு காயத்திரி யை செருப்பு மாலையை போட்டு கழுத்தை அருப்பேன்

  7. ரைசா நி ஒழுங்கு கமல் சேர்யிடம் மன்னிப்பு கேட்டுடு இல்லன உன் ரைசா முஞ்சிளா நைசா புரான் விட்டுடுவேன் அப்புறம் நி முஞ்சிளா பொவுடர் பூச முடியாது வாயை பொளக்க முடியாது உனக்கு எவ்வளவு திமிர் இருந்த அவளவு பெரி ஐய்யாவுக்கு மரியாதை கொடுக்கமுடியுமா இருப்ப நி நல்ல படியாக முட்டா முடிச்சி கட்டி பேங்களுருக்கு ஒடி போயிடு இல்லன கன்டிபா உன் முஞ்சிளா பூரன் விட்டுவேன் தெரிஞ்சுக்கோ

  8. ஏய் அரவ் நிலாம் ஒரு அலுனு உன்னு லவ் பான்னங்களே ஒவியா அது அவுங்க என்ன பெரிய தப்பு நி வந்த பொம்பளையா பொரக்க வேண்டியவன் தப்பி தவிர அம்பாளையி பொருந்துட்ட உன் மனசில் பெரிய நடிகன்னு நெனப்பா பன்னி குட்டி முஞ்சி கூட அழுக இருக்கும் நி அதைவிட கேவளமா இருக்க உன் முஞ்ச பார்தளே சாப்ட தெல்லாம் வாந்தி வாந்தி யா வருது ஒழுங்க கமல் சேர்யிடம் மும் ஒவியா இடமும் மன்னிப்பு கேட்டுட்டு ஜட்டி யோடு துன்ட கானம் துனி கான்ம்னு ஒடிடு இல்லன உன்னை முத்துராமன் சந்துள நிக்க வைச்சி குமரகுரு கஞ்சி காச்டுவோம் ஒடுட சொம்பு முஞ்சி உன் வழுகையில் கால்யனம்மே நடக்காது இது எண் சாபம்

  9. விஜய் டிவி க்கு ஒரு வேன்டு கோள் காயத்திரி ரைசா அரவ் இவர்கள் முயன்று பேருக்கு இந்த மெசேஞ் அனப்பி விடுங்கள் நன்றி

  10. Hi விஜய் டிவி உங்கள் bigg boss போட்டியில் நடிகர்கள் மட்டும்தான் சேர்பிர்களா பொது மக்களை யை சேர்க்க மாட்டிர்களா அப்படி சேர்தாள் எனக்கு ஒரு வாய்ப்பு கொடுங்கள் எண் பெயர் ராஜேஷ்வரி வயது 27 நான் நடுத்தர குடும்பத்தை சார்ந்தவள் பிலிஸ் எனக்கு ரிப்ளே பன்னுங்க email id raji69550@gmail. Com

  11. After Gayathri comes out from big boss house raiza is shows more attitude with sujha,snehan,with taking support from arav is not good when all are in one family
    And today by default sujha nominated for next week due to un victory of given task in swimming pool,to safe her from nomination big given one option that is she has to wake up entire night with any one contestant till morning
    She choosed snehan and requested him to help her and even he accepted and prooved,along with him all male contestant,and from girls side except bondhu non of them were presents in garden to help her
    Here now who is fake and who is realistic, this raiza and Kajol were discussing

  12. Raiza and Kajol both are were drama player raiza spoiling arravand Ganesh,unnecessary loose talks which is not fit for big boss house,if snehan vayapuri comes out then there is no entertainment for audience to see this programme
    By God grace Gayathri came out I thank full to God and my next time thanks if Kajol and raiza comes out

  13. எனக்கு மதுபானம் தேவை இந்த நபர் பெரிய முதலாளியில் மட்டும் நல்லவராக இருக்க வேண்டும் .

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